XDAO Report | V2 Public Beta Launch

2 min readNov 10, 2021

This is an urgent report that was formed righ after the discussion that took place today with our advisors and angel investors. During the meeting the decision to launch public beta next week was made.

During the meeting the results of V2 private beta testing were reviewed, and the plan of further XDAO protocol development was set. Based on the results, it was decided to prepare version 2 to a public beta release. This is amazing news for us because we did our best for this to happen.

The deployment is scheduled for November 15 2021 and will cover 5 following networks: Ethereum, Polygon, BSC, HECO, Rinkeby. We decided to launch on these 5 networks simultaneously because our current architecture allows for it. Moreover, taking into account the preferences of our community, we won’t leave a gap between deployments, giving the opportunity to start testing and using XDAO V2 as soon as possible.

XDAO became the first DAO builder for BSC and Polygon. So, following this trend, HECO Chain will be the next known blockchain where XDAO is going to occupy the specific niche.

XDAO V2 will be available at https://xdao.app address.

XDAO V1 is working and will continue to work as usual without changes at the same address https://app.xdao.app.

The official public release will be announced in the middle of December as planned before according to our roadmap.

The feature with using custom project’s tokens to vote will appear with the official launch.

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