Why do we offer to use xDAO and why is it for you?

Our platform is built on the most advanced tech stack, which allows you to gain the most complete and comprehensive experience with decentralized finance — DeFi (we have already discussed the advantages of the Binance Smart Chain, which is fully compatible with the Ethereum Virtual Machine, the last time).

In order to start enjoying all advantages of our platform all you need is to install the regular MetaMask extension in the browser. Due to MetaMask you will be able to use a single wallet to store any tokens supported by Binance Smart Chain.

The essential advantage of xDAO is the possibility to have and manage all top cryptocurrencies (BTCB, ETH, WBNB, BUSDT, DAI, USDC, BUSD) for individual and collective purpose. Any of these cryptocurrencies can be chosen by the organization as the main one for further setting the value of the organization’s shares in that cryptocurrency.

To create your own DAO, you need nothing but desire and like-minded people ready to become your partners in financial management. Organization management rules are configured exclusively through the platform interface, without requiring a single line of code from you. Do you know how else it can be described? Correct — Magic!

Each member of the organization first deposits funds in an available currency to his personal wallet, after that acquires governance tokens of the already established company/fund, therefore becoming its full member with rights to influence decisions that are made on behalf of the organization. Want to add a new member to your organization, or reward someone with a bonus, or issue shares to attract investment? Just ask what your teammates think about it. If they agree, the action is performed automatically. Any member of the organization can initiate a vote if it is allowed by the pre-established rules.

Another key benefit of our platform is that you can interact directly with all DeFi protocols which are located within the Binance Smart Chain ecosystem (for example, the largest ones as Venus and PancakeSwap). Make collective financial management decisions and be completely confident that your finances cannot be stolen by intruders!

Still wondering if xDAO is right for you? Let’s check it out together. Do you or your friends own cryptocurrency and do trading? Would you like to combine your efforts and earn even more on this? Are you running a business or want to start it, earning income in crypto, quickly and cheaply exchanging assets? Do not hesitate — better get ready for the quick transition to our platform. We are looking forward to meeting you on xDAO!



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