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Security comes first to XDAO and now it is confirmed by Hacken!

This happen!

Hacken is a leading cybersecurity consulting company with an essential focus on blockchain security. All XDAO contracts were checked for well-known and specific vulnerabilities in the code and for potential functional problems.

In short, the XDAO contracts are well-secured. NO critical, high severity issues where found.

With the recent publishment of Vitalik Buterin’s article about decentralized management, we wanted to further expand upon the Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAO) topic which is gaining huge popularity on the now well-established DeFi market.

It has been a while since the first smart contracts have been deployed on the Ethereum blockchain, however, the mistakes that were made during the creation of the first DAOs will never be forgotten. But the crypto community has learned from those mistakes. We now have more than 700,000 people involved in DAO operations with more than $8B in total assets under management.

What does it…

Where does the money come from? How do we have liquidity in DeFi? Many of us might have heard that somewhere, somehow, there is that magical place in DeFi where you can just throw your money into, and it will be laying there brining you a nice income. Staking? Farming? What is it and how does it work? Egor Gavrilov, CTO and co-founder of xDAO, will answer those questions for us.

The right way to approach this is to, first, divide all DeFi projects into three main categories:

  • Decentralized Exchanges (DEX)
  • Lending Protocols
  • Yield Aggregators

The first category is Decentralized…

Our platform is built on the most advanced tech stack, which allows you to gain the most complete and comprehensive experience with decentralized finance — DeFi (we have already discussed the advantages of the Binance Smart Chain, which is fully compatible with the Ethereum Virtual Machine, the last time).

In order to start enjoying all advantages of our platform all you need is to install the regular MetaMask extension in the browser. Due to MetaMask you will be able to use a single wallet to store any tokens supported by Binance Smart Chain.

The essential advantage of xDAO is the…

The time to tell you all about the xDAO and what made us create it, has come.

The main point of creating xDAO is that we simply want to make Decentralized Finance more accessible for people. The days of Blochchain Technologies were something very distant and frightening are over. A new era of free, simply, clear and secure financial management is dawning!

xDAO is a platform for creating and managing Decentralized Autonomous Organizations. To create your own DAO, you no longer need to understand the code or be able to write a smart contract. All you need to know is…

The concept of DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) has been known since 2013, when the co-founder of EOS, Dan Larimer, first mentioned the term. Currently DAO has become one of the most innovative Blockchain-based concepts. The main philosophy of DAO is to create an organization without the centralized control.

Simply put, DAO is an organization based on open source code operating electronically, where all rules are written in the source code instead of the piece of paper. All decisions in DAO are made in a completely democratic manner by the vote of its shareholders according to the previously established rules. These…

Blockchain and cryptocurrencies laid the foundation of the concept of democratic global economy, but it’s DeFi (Decentralized Finance) that is going to take us there.

DeFi, formerly known as Open Finance, was inspired by Blockchain, the technology behind the digital currency Bitcoin, which enables multiple entities to retain a copy of a history of transactions, which means that it isn’t controlled by one central source.

Bitcoin and numerous other digital assets stand out from digital payment methods legacy, such as those managed by Visa and PayPal. When you pay by credit card, a financial institution is between you and the…


A smart DeFi platform that allows you to create DAO and safely manage collective crypto assets using a clear and convenient interface 💎

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